As many already know Google Pixel 2 Captures the most beautiful and crisp images in the mobile cameras. Starting from its hardware to the awesome software. Pixel 2’s one camera do for what other needs two of them. The HDR+ technology from Google is the outstanding. The way they capture the High Dynamic Range pictures, no one can do that not even iPhone X.

Custody: XDA Developers
Custody: XDA Developers

As per our tasting, we saw other to blow the sky for almost all the time where Pixel Keeps it for you. The combination of OIS + EIS just does the magic.
The Portraits are just awesome on Google Pixel 2 and no one can deny that. They just use one camera to do it. As everyone knows google they always come with the awesome product in the Software industry. Simply put, Google is using Dual-Pixel technology not just to improve focusing speed but also to create a depth map. The system uses this to blur the background in proportion to how far various objects are from the in-focus segmentation mask. Thanks to the XDA Developers they now introduced the NX Camera 7.3 for Android Devices so that all can enjoy the Pixel 2’s Portrait mode. As the developers teated with most on- Google devices. They seemed to work properly with devices with Android 8.0 above. Here are the links for the APK’s:

NX Camera 7.3

For better performance we suggest you download the Post for your device as follows:

HDR+ Port

For more details Please do visit these awesome guys at XDA Developers.

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