Finally, the biggest tech event is here. For those who don’t have an idea about the CES. It stands for The International Consumer Electronics Show. it’s an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association every year in January at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. At the event tech companies present their new products and launch some. The 2018 show is planned for January 9-12 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

HIgh-resolution displays


As many of you know the resolution game for many is up now as many smartphones can capture videos at 4K resolution and there are cameras like RED which can offer around 8K, yes that,s no typo 8K, but they do cost heavy. Even YouTube supports 8K videos, well good luck playing those. The reality is very few are using 4K TV’s or Monitor or Laptops, but there are companies who are making these beautiful and bright High-res displays like The Wall by Samsung a 146 inches of TV and something more futuristic and practical at CES Read full article here (Best Display in CES 2018/)


Project Linda.

Courtesy: CNET

Most of you know Razer for their gaming related products. But this is something really interest me and many. As many know Razer introduced their first smartphone in end of 2017 and believe me its really great device in their first attempt. The best feature is that 120 Hz display. Samsung introduced The Dex for their product in 2017, which is an awesome innovation and it’s like carrying your own portable computer in your pocket, literally pocket. But their things are pretty same and different at the same time. In Project Linda Razer id using Razer phone to power, a Laptop and the best part is the laptop also has 120 Hz display. The Best part is the is work as a trackpad for the laptop.



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Every year at CES there are numbers of companies who introduce number robots for your home and office purposes. Cleaning, to following your basic commands. There is puppy or dag robot by Sony named Aibo bot, which really looks cute. Most exciting one for me was Ping pong robot by Omron, this one can be the best partner for offtime at the office if you are alone(Like I’am). And there are other weird and adult ones also read the full article here. (Best Robots of CES 2018)


Byton Concept EV

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If CES would change their name from Consumer electronic show to Car electronic show no one will offend that. As half of the show includes car mostly electric and autonomous cars. Some from old players to newcomers like Byton Concept EV, its electric SUV, believe me, this one does look modern day vehicle from its exteriors. But when it comes to the interior it’s just futuristic with 56 inches of wide display on the whole dash. some weird controlling through gesture and what not. there are others who are taking the challenge to make driving less or autonomous cars on road and some are succeeding also. Companies like Aptiv in collaboration with taxi services company Lyft making some huge improvement in autonomous tech.

Google Assistant Devices.

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As many of you already know, this year Google came up with a huge lineup of smart speakers in their launch event in 2017. Smarts speakers basically include a speaker and an assistant it can be Google Assistant and the competitor Amazon Alexa. They are almost everywhere nowadays as both of the companies are launching the affordable versions of it, for example, Google Home Mini and Amazon Alexa Dot. But this year at CES google just went out of control with huge setup, which include are tarin with google logo on it, Huge screen everywhere and the slates. And they announced a new product with Lenovo & JBL they call them smart display, not sure what are they running on yet but most probably Android or Chrome OS. They look good, again they are displayed with good speaker with Google assistant but I think it’s a useful one as you can see things on it when you asked for something

Vivo X20 Plus

Courtesy The Verge
This something every smartphone manufacture want on their phones. In 2017 Apple just ditched the Fingerprint sensor to get that beautiful all screen display( with notch!) and Samsung didn’t ditch the sensor but they put it on a very weird place (They do correct it with recently launched A8 2018) But Vivo came in collaboration With Synaptics within display fingerprint sensor. Vivo is using a newly announced Synaptics optical sensor, which has been in development for years. It works by peering through the gaps between the pixels in an OLED display (LCDs wouldn’t work because of their need for a backlight) and scanning your uniquely patterned epidermis. This is likely the tech that Synaptics and Samsung were collaborating on for the Galaxy S8 for last year, right up until it became apparent that it wouldn’t be ready in time for the phone’s release. Things are different now, as Vivo is close to announcing this as-yet-unnamed phone properly (X20 most probably) and Synaptics is already in mass production with the so-called Clear ID sensor.


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By the title, you already got the idea. Yes, it helicopter with freaking 18 rotators and its electric. Damm future is near guys. Volo came with its second Gen of Volocopter named Volocoper 2X with the 2X battery as it was pretty impractical in 1st Generation. Now it has around 30 minutes of flight time. They are making this product to start Air taxis but, and cant sees this happening in next 5 years maybe. They working with Intel for 2X and city of Dubai is supporting their project by allocating space for testing and will be the first city commercialise this project by Volo. They have both autonomous and regular versions of 2X. As the company says, the Regular one is so simple the fly, that even 10 years one can fly it. But the tech giants like Airbus & Uber Chopper working over the same agenda and with huge money, the journey won’t be an easy one for Volo.



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