All my business buddies out there, with great pleasure I would like to convey this to you that I have come up with a unique and powerful solution for all your search engine related queries.

So what exactly happens when you look for something on the search engine like Google?

The guys at google look for all the related keywords for your search query like Facebook pages and show it to you. Now sometimes this information is not what you exactly wanted to convey to your customer. These instances can eat up your potential business proposals.

So what’s the solution?

You can get your businesses Google Verified. Confused about what that means? So, when a business owner gets his venture verified by Google, it helps Google to recognize the businesses quickly when an interested person searches for it. Moreover, Google gives such verified pages the highest priority in search results. That means, there’s no one between you and your future prospects!

Google displays the results in the following order for a verified business :

1.Google Verified Business Profile on the right top for Desktop users and on the top for mobile users.

2.Business websites on the second spot which gives the user a direct access to explore your offerings.

3.Facebook page of Business. (With all integration for better results.)

4.Instagram Business Profile. (Integration with Facebook Business)

5.Twitter page (For user interactions)

So is it free like most Google services?

Hell yes! But unlike all other products you need to be smart using this one! Now let’s say, I give you my experience in digital marketing with tens of clients to leverage upon!

Sounds good?

So here’s a google form which you need to feel and give your businesses a perfect launch.

And yes! Hurry up! I am giving my expertise to the first 100 applications only! So get going..!




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