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Adventure sports that common people can do.


Who doesn’t like thrill in their life? Adventure comes with challenge, thrill and risk but there are some adventure sports which don’t require professional skills or certification to perform or to participate in this adventure sports. Let me tell you about the classification.

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Two sides of Kashmir State.


Kashmir has known for two reasons tourist destination and an area under border conflict. Kashmir is a jam in neckless such beautiful place it’s heaven on earth. But I’m not going to talk about the good and bad part of Kashmir. I am going to speak of the two part of heaven. The Srinagar side and Ladakh side.

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Home Automation is the Future.


As everyone knows smartphones took place of our many day-to-day appliances like a newspaper, alarm, watch, etc. Technology is growing at its best speed right now and Home automation is the new trend that everyone wants in their home.

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These 5 Music festivals you shouldn’t be Missing this Year.


Music, at its essence, is what gives us memories. And the longer a song has existed in our lives, the more memories we have of it. Everyone loves music whether its EDM, rock or classical. Music is an art which is respected for centuries by everyone. Music festivals are the best places to enjoy the music of best artists around.

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Top five fitness trackers to help you stay fit.


Staying healthy is part of our life now. Going for a run in the morning or spending an hour at a gym can help you stay fit but if you can track it, analyse it and plan it with the help of new tech then why not?

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Best Electric Cars introduced in 2017.


Forget fossil fuels the coolest cars are all running purely on mains power.If the monumental price of fuel hasn’t already got you wishing for an all electric future, I have cherry picked a list of the most exciting battery powered cars on the horizon. These aren’t just 21st-century milk floats, either: some have the performance to put traditional motors to shame.

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