As many of you know the resolution game for many is up now as many smartphones can capture videos at 4K resolution and there are cameras like RED which can offer around 8K, yes that,s no typo 8K, but they do cost heavy. Even YouTube supports 8K videos, well good luck playing those. The reality is very few are using 4K TV’s or Monitor or Laptops, but there are companies who are making these beautiful and bright High-res displays.

The Wall by Samsung


Believe me or not Samsung just launched 146 inches of 8k tv. Yes, it’s 146 no typo there. Using a modular display technology Samsung calls MicroLED when it comes to displaying no one does it better than Samsung. BUT, this LG’s got something more futuristic and practical at CES Read full article here (LINK)

LG’ new 65 inches rollable display

Courtesy: Engadget
Again rollable display. it can be rolled down when not in use. it an OLDE display. It’s bright and beautiful as all OLED. It’s still a prototype but its pure beauty. Only now it’s been scaled up to 65 inches and a full 4K resolution. There’s no price or availability to speak of here because this is still only a prototype looking for a TV brand to pick it up and try to sell it as a retail product. But it’s a very, very cool prototype.

Sony’s Lazer TV

Courtesy: CNET

Then there is Sony one of the largest, consumer display maker. There is no screen involved in their product but this technology called Lazer TV  with 4K resolution so we thought of including this product in this article. At first glans, it sure looks like a stylish piece of furniture but it’s not and it is. Actually, its Ultra-short-throw projectors which can create a bright, wall-sized image from a position a foot or two from the wall — have been around for a while, but now they’re maturing a little and going in different directions. This product seems to show an only product or custom request may be as it will cost around $30,000.


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