Every year at CES there are numbers of companies who introduce number robots for your home and office purposes. Cleaning, to following your basic commands. There is puppy or dag robot by Sony named Aibo bot, which really looks cute. Most exciting one for me was Ping pong robot by Omron, this one can be the best partner for offtime at the office if you are alone(Like I’am). And there are other weird and adult ones also.

Aibo bots


Aibo bots are introduced in the 2000s, they are one of the most used bots in Japan. Sony only sold them in Japan till now and they will continue that. But they might ship outsider also as they do take English commands. Sony has stopped making them in middle and many were upset about that, many give them a proper burial and tombstone. Robots with emotional attachments can help, that’s proved. Aibo bot can help many, as this is technically more advanced than ever, with one camera on the nose to recognise the family member and one on back to the see who is petting him on back. there are sensors everywhere like where ever you pet him will know. Their machine Learning an AI included in it so it can make the bond with a member which spends his more time with it. Time, this is a bot and needs to charge. The best part is it can charge himself by just sitting on charging pad. The best part I love about it the eyes. Sony has used their OLED technology to make it look very real.


Stripper Robot by Giles Walker


There something nasty from Giles Walker, they introduced the Robotic Strippers and they can do a pole dance. Like what were you thinking? I really don’t know what the reason behind making them, but I did get hell lot of attention. Well, you know Humans.



we know she is already famous personality now. After receiving citizenship from Saudi Arabia, Sophia was everywhere in the news and now she is travelling, she even travelling more than most of the humans ever dreamt of. She is attending all the tech shows around the world. She recently gave a speech at India Institute of Technology, Bombay (Mumbai) in an Indian attire.


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