I believe traveling is an art. If you master this art you will find it very easy to commit and execute. Travelling doesn’t include traveling in business class or staying in a five-star resort or eating in fancy restaurants. Traveling means exploring new places, meeting new people, trying local food, experiencing new cultures a lot more.

1.Flight Booking:


Booking affordable flight is challenging task. Both domestic and international flights can be expensive if not booked in time. The price of flights are unpredictable and booking in advance is not an option all the time. To solve this problem I use Skyscanner. Skyscanner’s algorithm helps you to get cheapest flight fair and you can also set a notification for a specific flight.
Pro Tip: Use Incognito mode while booking.



I used to book big fancy hotels for my stay, then I realized we only use our hotels to sleep, to take bath and charge our devices(come on we are not savages). So why we spend so much on our stay. You can book homestay, hostel or home also with very minimal charges. Go for Zostel, Airbnb etc. You can also stay for free at monasteries.
Pro Tip: Visit Couchsurfing



I’m a huge foodie and love trying new food all the time. Many options I suggested for stay offer free breakfast so eat as much as you can to save on your lunch. Rather than eating at the fancy restaurant or fast food at McDonald’s or KFC go for local food or drink.
This will help local vendors also and you will experience something new.
Pro Tip: If you are living in the homestay, asked them if they need a hand for cooking.



There are lots of ways to travel. If you wish to travel on budget and experience the most then you have to compromise on luxury. Skip flights and try trains, use state transport over private buses. If you are traveling in Europe go for EuroRail Pass which will save you hundreds of Euros. If you are a frequent flyer, stay loyal to one airline and register for Frequent flyer program.
Pro Tip: Travel at night to save accommodation.

5.Skill Share:


Everyone is good at something. It can be anything from talking in English to designing a home. Skill sharing can help you with your travel a lot. Travelers trade their skills for stay and food all over the world. Many travelers from English speaking countries teach English to students in African and Asian countries.
Pro Tip: Visit Worldpackers.

Life is short, make the most of it.

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