As every one of you know, passport plays important role in international travel but the reputation of your country does matter when it comes to visa-free travel or visa on arrivals. There are many countries which allow the citizens of other developed and reputed nations to come to their homeland without the need of any visa to boost their tourism. Because their economy depends largely on tourism. Webportal called recently released its passport power ranking of 2017 which is as follows:

German Passport

Rank 1.

Germany is recently emerging as a country with the most powerful passport in the world. German passport holders can visit 158 countries without any visa and many countries offer them visa on arrival which makes the German passport the almighty.

Second Rank.

There is a tie between two countries for the second rank. Sweden and Singapore hold the second rank with 157 visa-free countries for their passport holders. The main reason for Singapore is the geographical location, English as their first language, discipline in the country and rapid development. Sweden is one of the fastest growing digital countries with less involvement in any conflicts and wars.

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Third Rank.

The third position is held by many countries. Most of them are European and American;  have their international reputation which makes their passport stronger. Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, United Kingdom and The United States of America are the countries facing no or little visa hassles. Citizens of these nations can visit 156 countries visa-free.

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Fourth Rank.

Well, Fourth rank holders are Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal and Japan. As I already stated most of the European countries get an easy pass to foreign lands because of their international reputation. These countries are allowed to visit 155 countries without a visa and many with visa on arrival. So good news for EU citizens.

Fifth Rank.

The fifth rank is secured by Malaysia, Ireland and Canada. Malaysia is well known in the travel industry, they rank pretty well in tourism which helps their passport grow stronger. Canada is famous because for their immigration policies. Ireland and Canada hold the massive respect in the international market. Their residents can visit 154 countries without a visa. So I congratulate to all Punjabis who hold the Canadian passport.

So from which country do you belong? let me know in the comments below and subscribe to my newsletter. Find your country’s rank here.


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