College time is the one of the best time in any person’s life. That’s the time where we start as a teenager and transform into an adult. It all starts with making new friends to getting into a relationship (maybe). There are certain things that everyone should experience, do or learn before graduating.


1.Vote :


In the First year of graduation, most of us are eligible to vote. So be a responsible citizen of your country and vote for the change or the betterment of your country because change begins at home.


2.Take a road trip  :


As the time goes you get to know who are the best ones among all your friends to hang out with. So just make your bond stronger by knowing them while travelling. Taking the road trip or trips with close ones can really help you to know each-other and it really works. e.g. watch Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara..


3.Learn to cook:


Not talking to be a chef or something but at least two or three dishes which will help you in your unpredictable hunger or unexpected buddy times. Maggie, pasta and coffee work just fine.


4.Attend any Music Festival or Concert :


Music is the thing that drives each and every person. Music can change, make and boost your mood. Attending your favourite  DJ’s or artist’s concert will definitely make you feel happy. Music festivals can help to socialise with other music lovers all around.


5.Exercise :


Again NOT talking about hitting a gym all time and getting six or eight pack abs. Exercise enough to be fit and fat-free. Though getting abs can help you.


6.Sleep under the Sky :


Never done it before ??

My friend this is the thing that everyone should do not just once but as much as you can. It’s like meditation or yoga.Take your close ones and go to a distant place because it’s not possible in cities nowadays due to pollution and lights. Try it alone also.

7.Learn to save :


I know saving at this age is very difficult because most of us are students with limited pocket money and lot of things we wanna to do as a teenager.

Starting from small one can really help. Spot unnecessary spendings and stopping them can also help you in your saving.

8.Take an adventure trip or sport :


The thrill is the factor that keeps us alive or let us experience death to the closest. Fear is also an element in our life; overcoming it is the challenge. so gear up and just do it. (not promoting Nike, but I can )

Skydiving, isn’t everyone’s dream? It’s dangerous but challenging at the same time.


9.Make bucket list :


It may include any, I literally mean any sort of things you wanna do, don’t care about how weird they are or how dangerous or whatever, bring it on. Put everything on the list, whatever you wanna do, learn, buy etc.

It may be a euro trip, may be buying a sports car of your dream. Just don’t make the bucket list, work hard for it and make the list grow each time you complete one of them.

One of mine was peeing on the highest motorable road in the World.(Khardung La Pass 18,380 m. ) 😉


10.The Next move :



Graduation will end sometime but we have to think about our next move, like there are many ways to follow i.e.Take masters degree in the same course, go for business administration courses or study abroad. Many think of taking jobs or just follow your passion but be practical about it because it takes a lot of guts to follow your passion.

These are some things that I think everyone must do or experience before graduating. if you have some other tasks to do as well, do share in the comment box. And yeah!

Don’t just dream , live it!


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