The main difference between both is travellers are full-time tourists, whereas tourists travel occasionally. Travellers are not a bunch of people. Travellers all over the world now have a big community.  Tourists are the people who spend their time in holiday locations. Here are the things that differ between both travellers and tourists-





Travellers have an older existence than tourists. Starting from Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo and his Father Niccolò Polo, Neil Armstrong, Freya Stark (female) etc. are the ones of the legendary travellers in the history.

On another hand, the oldest travel agency in the United States is Brownell Travel; on 4 July 1887, Walter T. Brownell led ten travellers on a European tour, setting sail from New York on the SS Devonia. Thomas Cook is one of the oldest and well-known travel agency or in other words the ‘Travel Giant’.

Time of Travel:


Travellers are the people who are always travelling.They live at places for a short period of time like a month. They normally believe in getting attached to the place itself. They spend much time in walking and talking to the locals.


Whereas tourists are the people who are mostly working, so they don’t get much time to travel. They travel for breaks and quality time. Tourists travel occasionally, like on weekends and on holidays with family and co-workers. As they never have a long break they use to travel for a very short time like 1-2 weeks. And some just follow the travel agencies’ schedule.


Travel Plan:



Honestly, travellers never have an exact plan other than to go to the location. They never decide or pre-book anything (except air tickets) they like to follow the traditional way of travelling (Just keep the trip a surprise for yourself).


But tourists directly visit their nearby travel agencies take travel plan (mostly designed by travel agencies.). As I have already said they don’t have time for all of the thinking stuff they just book all their stuff before visiting the exact place.





For travellers, transport is not the thing that is a concern (other than overseas travel). They mostly find the cheapest way to travel. Travellers prefer to travel in nights. Transportation cost may differ according to countries. Let me give an example in India cheapest way to travel is by railways and state transport buses. Where In Europe airways are quite cheaper than railways and any other transportation services.


For tourists, they mostly prefer to travel by Airways which will take less time to travel and they have less time and some just follow the travel agencies.




Travellers most of the time travel solo or in small groups and they don’t believe in spending in most of their money on sleeping. They prefer hostels, guest houses and homestays over hotels. Where they can find a whole community of travellers. Most important is it is pocket-friendly.


On other side tourists book online hotels according to their purchasing power and some just stick to the hotel included in the travel package booked by their travel agencies (mostly good).



“Tourist merely stick to travelling guides whereas travellers believe in exploring the real beauty of a place.”



Travellers first complete the common sites of the place and cover all the destinations described in travel guides. Then they spend their time with locals, creating their own the city map and after spending time in city they are aware of all streets and locals of that location. Then they find some hidden places to visit or some traditional or local or speciality of that place or there might be some special stuff for example “Lugadi of Manali”

Note: Lugadi is mentioned in the Bollywood movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.


Where tourists see those places which are mentioned in travel packages or the travel agencies tells to local guides to show them.


So what are you?  Comment your response in a comment box below. Thanks for reading and if you like it don’t forget to share and like the blog. Till then keep travelling. Fox on Feet.
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