What is travelling? Why do we need to travel? When should we travel? With whom should we travel? Do we really need to travel? Lots of questions come to a mind when we hear the word ‘travel’.

There are many people in this world who start their life at one place and they end at the same place. I don’t want to do that! I’m not saying it is bad but Its just not normal for me. According to me, there is a lot of inspiration out there to travel. We just need that one ‘YES’ which will lead us out. Following are the things that inspire me to travel-


Movies are one of the best media to reach both mind and heart. Movies like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Ye Jawani Hai Diwani, Into the Wild, Motorcycle diaries etc. will inspire you to travel.


I challenge you all; if you want to know the other part of yours, I call it the ‘free you’. Pick up a location or a place or a destination you always wanted to go. But there is a thing which always stops you. Don’t let that thing stop you this time. Pack up your bags and just set out. And see the difference within yourself, experience the change.

Note: end of ZNMD & YJHD.

2.Videos of travellers and tourists:


First of all, there is a difference between travellers and tourists (I will explain this in my further blog).

Most of the people saw videos of travellers, tourists, travel companies like Expedia, City travel guides like the Lonely Planet etc.

The time we are planning to visit or travel the places but that one thing which is stopping you ends up giving one more view to the Youtube video. DON’T do that, go explore yourself.


3.Instagram :

Nowadays Instagram is very popular for uploading photos and videos. Lots of travel photographers put their work on Instagram. If you just visit the profile of these awesome people you will realise that they put all their efforts to inspire us to visit those places.


Lonely Planet , Earthpix, Traveling our planet, Nat geo travel, Paperboyo, Travellingcars,Fox on Feet  etc.


Don’t just dream, Live it!


For example

All students want to go Goa in their graduation (for Indians).They should visit this place at least once before completing their graduation.

Bikers from all over the world come to India for a road trip to Ladakh. All bikers should visit this paradise.

5.Life :


Life always inspires us to do differently than what we are doing for a long time. Even our soul needs a break and peace for some time. The best break you can take is travelled to peaceful places or go to a thrilling adventure trip which you were planning for a long time.

You need to see the WORLD, not only hear about it.

Do visit my YouTube channel for my travel videos : 


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